What we really need to know about Ashley Maddison

Getting Real here:
We must be slow to the game here, but we woke to the news of a website called Ashley Maddison. “Life is short. Have an affair.”
Ok- the volcano of emotions this brings to our hearts is too much to even try to comprehend. Infidelity is a clear poison that goes down smooth and convinces that which drinks of its cup that is “safe, no one will know.” It promises that its effects will be like the highest of highs, giving your body a cocktail of risk plus pleasure that forms addictive pathways in the brain that keeps the betrayer convincing themselves it’s worth it.
We are not going to candy coat it here.
It’s poison. It kills. It destroys. It divides. It devastates. Although it goes down clear- in secrecy, it’s side effects begin to surface. The side effects hurt the betrayer, the betrayed. The family. The finances. The work. The health. The first warning sign is saying “it will never happen to me.” From that moment you have lowered your guard and the crafter of the poison sees your marriage as ready. We can be sickened by our world, its choices and its fallen nature. But we can’t pretend we don’t live in it, and swim in its waters. Are you jumping in without a life jacket? Chances are your pride says “you got this.” And you jump. And if you are like us you find yourself blindsided that you have been drowning in it for months. The first words out of Abbe’s mouth was “how? How could this happen?” I’m guessing the same words were uttered out of Anna Duggars and anyone else who has uncovered infidelity. My answer hurts but is is honest. How? Because we assume it can’t happen to us. We love eachother. We are happy. We are Christians. We go to church.
The word of God describes David, a godly man, also falling in. And when he came up for breath from sinking in this poison his guilt resulted in death, murder.
Before you point the finger. Before you judge and let your eyes roll as you read the headlines, grab your partner.
Say these words that will build your defense against the lies.
“I realize that I am no exception to the rule. I know that I have been, or can be at any time tempted. I will fight for our marriage, even before there is something to fight against.”
Zip that life jacket up friends- hold tight to the word of God. Keep the good and hard conversations happening. Live vulnerably. Let people know you well. Good and bad. And when we step out in the worlds waters, we won’t be pulled under.
Close your computer. Grab your family. Get on your knees. Ask for grace. Recieve Grace.

And Church, be ready to talk about it more freely.


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