About my repurposed life

When I was little I would craft dresses for my barbies out of toilet paper.
I believe I was born with a passion for creating and repurposing.

My story is one of constant renewal. Purpose from pain, and junk to beauty.
These are the pages to my heart, an honest look into the everyday process of being “Made new.”
God’s work in my life has been a beautiful illustration of this truth. The past few years have held significant trials for our family. They have taught us deep truths and our need for the Lord, as well as proving the point that life can change at anytime. While navigating the rocky waters of trials, the Lord also created a passion in my heart for painting and repurposing furniture. Since then, that beautiful distraction from pain has become my career and I now sell, paint, restore, and build custom furniture, through Doll Design Co. 

I believe vulnerability is the place where courage and fear meet. Then things get real. Sometimes it’s really hard. Sometimes it’s really beautiful. But it’s real. And that’s where I want to live.

There is nothing God hasn’t restored for me, it may not look the way it did before, but it’s better, it’s beautiful…
It’s our repurposed life.


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